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Since 1993, The Motley Fool has been a trusted source of investment and financial advice to millions of members. Read their reviews showcasing our commitment to making the world smarter, happier, and richer. We are dedicated to customer feedback in order to provide the best services possible.
"You guys [The Motley Fool] really do make me smarter, happier and used to be richer... I'm retired now." - Karen B, 20+ Years TMF Member
"Everybody has their own way of investing money and I've been very happy with what I've been able to achieve with the Motley Fool's help, particularly because I'm a full believer in the fact that we are in a time period that digital transformation is occurring right now and this is a good time to be investing." - John S, 20 Years TMF Member
"There's a lot of ways [the Motley Fool has helped me], but the really major way is being able to meet with a community of people and share, talk about, learn about, laugh about my passion, which is investing." - Jenny W, 10+ Years TMF Member
"I think you guys [The Motley Fool] are really good at identifying early stage growth companies, and when you do, you make a lot of money. And I've made a lot of money. Thank you" - Kevin K, 10+ Years TMF Member
"Our biggest win actually isn't necessarily financial win. I mean, it is a financial win, but it's not monetary way, it's not how much money we made, but it's about what we were able to do with our money. We had a financial goal of getting both of our children through college as debt free as possible and as of this coming May, we will to achieve that goal. It is in great part due to the advice and the recommendations that we received from Motley Fool" - Amy S, 8 Year TMF Member
"The people at the Fool are what keep me coming back. Just an amazing group of people, super smart and super enjoyable to be around." - John S. 8 Year TMF Member